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Kobayashi Makinosato

Sharing Garden Stage

The protagonaist of the performance and video Sharing Garden Stage - Orangina is a building complex in Kobayashi Makinosato, in Chiba, Japan. The building complex consists of four newly- built houses in the same architectural style, which serves as the basis for a fictional narrative. The performance is realized in the orange parts. `Orangina`, which mark a much frequented are of the complex. Realating to Japanese mythology, the project transcends the fictionality of the space by letting the houses tell the story and direct the action. The first house tells the story of this particula locale with three voices. in the secound house, the same story is reiterated with drawings.

The third house, operates as a performative platform, where the protagonist of the place exchange silkscreen masks. The third house operates as a perfomative platform, where the protagonists of the place exchange silkscreen masks. The fourth house lives up to the outside color by serving oranges. and orange juices to visitors. The connection bewteen all  four houses is established though a Japanese salesman, who acts like a conductor to lead visitors through the buildings. Accompanied by a minimalist sound-track, the performance becomes very edgy and looks like a routine event, alluding to the fast pace of Japanese culture combined with the Romantic notion of the countryside - a sunny day awaiting the impending thunder of a typhoon.

Text by Walter Seidl, art collection of ERSTE Group, Vienna

Special thanks to: Shiohe Fujita, Toru Fujita OAK- Design, Tomoko Matsushita, OAK- Planning

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