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Aichi Triennale 2010, Nagoya
Installation/ Performance



Natalija Ribovic and Toru Fujita, who conceived the “Powwow-aeaa Earth Kids” project with the aim to think about the earth by way of art, started working together four years ago. Their message is directed at all of us “earthlings,” encouraging us to try and restore the harmony of our ailing planet through the creative faculty of “art.” Their artistic actions combine displays and performances incorporating

a variety of items, such as drawings and 3-dimensional balloon based works themed on a fusion of man, nature, spirit and technology.

The story and pictures of their picture-card show about seven rabbits features characters that represent Ribovic herself as a young girl, as well as her grandmother. Her brilliantly colored drawings are filled with loveliness and

an uplifting feeling. The artists further staged performances

around a storytelling oriented axis, and held workshops primarily for children in the vicinity of the exhibition site,

at Nagoya City Art Museum, and at various universities

and schools in Nagoya during the period of the Aichi Triennale.

Hisako Hara, curator of Aichi Triennale Nagoya

Exhibiting artists: Jerome Bel, Cerith Wyn Evans, Jan Fabre, Yang Fudong, Gelitin, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Yoyoi Kusama, Pip & Pop, Natalija Ribovic / Toru Fujita, Rosas, Tatiana Trouvé, Chiharu Shiota, Santiago Sierra, Franz West, Héctor Zamora u.a.

Special thanks to Nonaka Katsumi (Musician)

© Photo by Natalija Ribovic

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