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7 Nature Usagi,
Earth Kids workshop -
The North Face, Japan


Powwow-aeaa Kids workshop

Powwow-aeaa, 7 Nature Usagi is a art social concept created as an action in public space in Japan in 2006.

We are all animals with infinite creative power. Earth is one big family, made up of 6.5 billion human beings and 30 million kinds of living species. What can we do to save the beautiful earth for our kids in the future?  Spirit, Nature and Technology, the three in harmony is what we need as we dive into the mid-21st century. To obtain this balance, we need to go beyond the diffe-rences in religion, race and ideology. Each of us needs to start relating directly to the world in our own way, with our ability to dream. Amongst other animals, Rabbit is very sensitive and it can sense and react to the environmental change rather quickly. Shy and delicate rabbits can be compared to contemporary human beings. Since 2007 to 2011, Natalija Ribovic and Toru Fujita have made workshops with 35,000 children based on this idea around Japan and worldwide.

Special thanks to Nonaka Katsumi (Musician) and The North Face Team, Japan

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